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As I look back in time I can remember the great toys and things I had as a kid in the 1960s. The Creepy Crawler set, Electric football game. My baseball glove with the imprinted Phil Rizzuto signature and my special baseball bat with Al Kaline's name imprinted. NHL Coleco hockey games. 

Board games like chess and checkers, toy soldiers and GI Joe. Race car sets and Lionel train sets. The many Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars, Tonka trucks. Those Revell ship models like the USS Arizona and many more! These things made me happy to have.

Today, I still have some sports memorabilia and some old toys plus new things. The treasures I treasure the most now are not just toys and sports equipment, but new things that came into my life like the Bible, a Lowrey organ with the name MAJESTY to play Gospel music, many books about JESUS CHRIST, wall art with Bible pictures plus good cherished conversation with family, friends and people. Having a good life is to be treasured. Life is more than just what I did as a child and Sailor in the military. The Great Saviour JESUS changed my life, I trust HE has changed yours. We all have Treasure Troves of knowledge and goodwill to pass on from our life's experiences. You and I need to share that treasure. I want to do so in my remaining years for those around me and so should you! Thank GOD! And remember the LORD GOD created the Heaven and the earth. The GOD of all Creation. HE wants to save you! The LORD has HIS searchlight on you, will you come?

Michael Storozuk, U.S. Navy Veteran

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